CCTV camera captures horrific crash and fireball in Seattle petrol station


CCTV has captured the shocking moment an out-of-control Uber taxi slamed into a petrol station, causing a massive fireball.

In a scene worthy of a B-list action film's special effects, the Nissan X-Terra can be seen smashing its way across the forecourt before hitting a pump and causing a huge explosion.

According to, the accident occurred in Seattle, and started when the Nissan SUV – which was driven by an Uber driver and was carrying a passenger – clipped a Honda Accord and left the road, going through a car park before hitting the petrol station.

The site said the 40-year-old female passenger in the SUV was taken to hospital with minor injuries, but the 35-year-old man driving the Accord suffered serious injuries when his car speared off the road and hit a tree.