Scorned woman attacks car with hammer


Shocking footage has emerged that shows a furious woman smashing a car with a hammer after finding out her ex-boyfriend cheated on her.

The enraged woman, from South Carolina, can be seen attacking the SUV's doors before scratching its paint work with the head of the heavy tool.

Following the frenzied attack on the vehicle's panels, she then takes her anger out on one of its windows, shattering the driver's side glass after hitting it six times.

The woman, who is wearing a bright pink dress and slippers, can then be seen carving an unknown word into the car's bonnet.

The man filming her rampage can be heard telling her than she may get "beaten up" for her wild vandalism, to which she responds "tell 'em I'll knock them up the side the head with this hammer!"

It is unclear from the video whether the Cadillac belonged to the woman's ex-partner or the woman he is accused of cheating on her with.

Be warned the footage does contain some bad language.