Dramatic police chase ends after stolen car crashes into ditch


Shocking footage has emerged online of a high-speed police chase through the Czechoslovakian countryside.

Dashcam footage from a police pursuit vehicle shows a criminal in a stolen silver Audi trying to evade officers on wet country roads.

The car, which was originally stolen in Poland, tears through small villages, crosses onto the other side of the road and slides around corners during its getaway attempt.

Following a near miss with an oncoming bus, two police cars move to take the Audi out, spinning it off the road and into a ditch in a dramatic crash.

Immediately after the car stops, armed police officers can be seen charging towards the wreck to apprehend the driver.

According to viral video website LiveLeak, the 37-year-old driver suffered minor injuries in the crash and also tested positive for drugs.

The site claims that the terrifying police chase happened this Tuesday, March 4.