Video shows moment Mustang driver's showing off causes big crash


This video from America shows the moment a Ford Mustang driver's showing off backfired on a wet road.

The supremely confident motorist had, according to Jalopnik, asked a friend to film him as he drifted the car outside a Lamborghini dealership.

The video, which is thought to come from Texas, shows the black Mustang reverse out of a parking space and join a busy main road. After waiting for a gap, the driver accelerates out onto the road, at which point the back wheels lose traction and the rear swings out.

The driver catches the slide, but over-corrects, sending the car into a slide in the opposite direction. Again, the driver tries to correct the skid, but the car simply spins and climbs the grass verge to crash into the fences around the Lamborghini dealership's service area.

According to the video, nobody was harmed in the crash, with the car suffering only light damage.