Ford shoots down flying car rumours


Flying cars will never take off unless they are autonomous, because people aren't good enough at driving, believes Ford's executive chairman.

When asked whether a flying car was on the minds of Ford bosses, Bill Ford said most drivers couldn't cope with driving in two dimensions, so vehicles operating in three dimensions would have to be autonomous.

According to Business Insider, Ford said: "We're not [working on flying cars], although I would say they had better be autonomous. Most people can't drive in two dimensions, let alone three."

However, Ford did say the flying car was a possibility for the future.

He said: "It's not so crazy. There are entrepreneurs who are working on flying vehicles. I haven't been in one, but I've seen a test of one. And they are technically going to be very possible."

But Ford added there were issues with the technology, including the licencing of operators and where the vehicles would be able to land.

He said: "Think about today, planes, which you take off and land at an airport, that eliminates 99 per cent of their usefulness. You have to be a licensed pilot. Well, how many of those are there?

"But in time, regulations change and these things start to become more interesting. So I wouldn't say never for us, but not in the short term for us."