Bugatti launches luxurious Chiron-inspired superyacht


Bugatti has launched a stunning 66-foot luxury superyacht, which is based on its £2.1 million Chiron hypercar.

Called the Niniette 66, the French car maker has partnered with Palmer Johnson yachts to create the exuberant launch – of which just 66 examples will be produced.

It is capable of reaching a top speed of 51mph thanks to its powerful Man V8 engines, and is constructed out of carbon-fibre among other high-tech materials.

Customers will find it kitted out with features such as a hot tub, champagne bar, fire pit, and sun deck.

The top level features vast swathes of carbon-fibre, leather and blue morta oak wood.

In the living quarters, the same theme continues, with the large living space fitted with a massive double bed, couches, flat-screen television and a carbon fibre dining table.

Other highlights include chairs inspired by the Bugatti Chiron hypercar, as well as a space-age command centre that features an interactive infotainment system that looks after the yacht's navigation, monitoring, controls and entertainment.

Etienne Salomé, Design Director at Bugatti, told the Daily Mail: "The Niniette is a genuine member of the Bugatti family. Even from a large distance when entering a port, the Niniette will always be recognized as a true Bugatti."

While Bugatti is known as a car maker today, the company's founder Ettore Bugatti was also a skilled boatbuilder. The new Niniette 66 moniker is derived from the pet name given to Bugatti's youngest daughter, Lidia.

No price has yet been announced for the limited-edition model, but it is thought that it will cost in excess of £1.5million.

Bugatti launches luxurious Chiron-inspired superyacht

Bugatti launches luxurious Chiron-inspired superyacht