Abandoned Jeep Cherokee found under 20ft of snow


An unfortunate motorist lost their Jeep Cherokee after it became covered by more than 20 feet of snow.

California Highway Patrol in the town of Truckee uploaded a picture of the Jeep to its Facebook account on March 10, along with the caption: "Oh the things we find playing hide and seek in the winter!"

Motoring website Jalopnik reported that CHP Truckee found the SUV in the Serene Lakes neighbourhood near Donner Summit. The mountain is a part of the Donner Pass, located in the northern Sierra Nevada mountain range in California.

It is thought that its owner left the 4x4 on the shoulder before a snow plough came along and inadvertently covered it. A snowblower then came through to carve out the snowbanks and accidentally crashed into the back of the Jeep – hence the significant damage on the right-hand side of the vehicle's rear bumper.

The CHP Truckee representative also said that they thought that the Jeep had been buried in the snow for the majority of the winter, and that it would likely spend the rest of the season trapped in the snowbank because it wasn't blocking the road.

It is unclear why the Jeep was left on the shoulder to begin with, although it was likely abandoned following a breakdown.

The Donner Pass is considered to be one of the snowiest places in the contiguous United States, with an average snowfall of 10.45 metres per year.