Pictures show heroic woman coming to trucker's aid - on horseback


Images have surfaced online of a brave horsewoman in Canada who came to the aid of a stranded trucker during a snowstorm.

According to The Independent, 18-year-old Eileen Eagle Bears spotted trucker Peter Douglas on a highway camera south of Brandon, Manitoba, which he had broken down next to.

Douglas, from Winnipeg, was stuck in his truck overnight on Monday, so she rode through the snowstorm on her pony, Mr Smudge, to give him a thermos flask full of coffee, then made the four-kilometre ride back home.

Later she returned, again on horseback, with a warming stew.

Douglas told Winnipeg CTV News: "She had to walk that horse half a mile up that hill and half a mile down because it was so icy. She said she saw me on the camera."

The Independent reported that Douglas spent 28 hours stuck on the road, and though the teenager offered him shelter in her family home, he declined because he was not allowed to leave the truck on the road.

Her mother, Heather, posted a photo of the incident on Facebook, saying: "Highway cam on #10 caught a pic of Eileen Eagle Bears delivering coffee on horseback to a stranded trucker in the storm. She rode three miles each way to check on him.

"She's a good rider and took Mr. Smudge. She rode where drifts were smaller and knows the road well."

According to The Independent, Douglas plans to stop by to return the thermos when he's next in the area.