London cyclists to get bumpy ride with new speed humps

Cyclists enjoy the sun in Hyde Park, London.

Cyclists in Hyde Park will soon have to cope with a new obstacle after The Royal Parks announced it would be installing speed bumps.

According to The Times, the agency, which manages the London park, said the "humped rumble strips" were necessary because riders had been recorded travelling at speeds of up to 32mph.

The humps will be built on the Broad Walk, parallel with Park Lane, with construction beginning next week.

The Royal Parks told the newspaper that it had witnessed two near-misses while it was monitoring traffic on the path, which currently has a 10mph speed limit.

The humps come as part of a traffic-calming project on the Broad Walk, which will also see new surfaces at junctions between paths, as the authorities attempt to remind cyclists that they share the space with pedestrians.

If successful, the speed humps could also be installed in other London parks.

Simon Richards, who leads The Royal Parks' cycling board, told The Times: "Everyone has to recognise that when they come into a park they're entering a very different environment; for everyone's sake, we want to encourage cyclists to adjust their behaviour when moving from busy roads to peaceful paths, and similarly pedestrians need to be aware there are a whole variety of other users.

"Our parks welcome a range of visitors, all of whom come to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. While we welcome cyclists, it is important we do all we can to ensure everyone can enjoy our parks in safety."