Shocking video shows scaffolding crush parked car


Disturbing footage has surfaced showing the moment a scaffolding rig came crashing down on top of a car, seemingly on purpose.

The video, which was shot in what is thought to be a residential street in London, shows a workman dismantling the scaffolding by removing some poles from the bottom of the structure.

With the support removed, the structure then comes toppling down on top of a parked Fiat 500.

Before the collapse, the cameraman, who seems to be in on the dangerous "prank", can be heard sniggering and saying: "You're some kind of d******d, you know that?

"Why you have to unscrew everything?"

He can then be heard repeatedly telling a man named Connor to "wait", seemingly because he wasn't ready to record the structure falling over.

When the scaffolding eventually collapses, the cameraman runs away from the scene.

The footage was uploaded to video-sharing sits LiveLeak with the title "How Not To Dismantle Scaffolding".

It has attracted more than 3,500 views.