Driver swerves to avoid workman in manhole in shocking video


This is the terrifying moment a car had to swerve at the last minute to avoid hitting a workman who was standing in a manhole.

Dashcam footage, which was recorded last Monday in Edinburgh, shows a silver Nissan Micra veering to the right within metres of the workman, who only had two road cones in front of him for protection.

Aside from the two cones, there is nothing else in place, such as signs, to warn oncoming motorists of the man's presence.

The footage was obtained and uploaded by road safety group Scotland's Worst Drivers yesterday.

A spokeswoman for the organisation told the Daily Mail: "This workman is extremely lucky to be alive today. Why did he think that two single cones would be enough protection for him?

"No-one would expect to see a man sticking his head out of the road like this.

"With no signs on the approach, or any sign of warning, we are lucky that this was not anything other than a near miss."

The driver who recorded the footage – who remains anonymous – told the Mail the man appeared to be working for a private company. "I'm not sure about the company, but it was a private company. He looked like he was feeding in cable," he said.