Shocking footage shows overtaking lorry causing havoc on busy road


This is the terrifying moment a lorry pulls into the path of oncoming traffic in an attempt to overtake a long line of cars stuck behind a tractor.

Dashcam footage from a passing vehicle on the A30 in Cornwall shows cars swerving in an attempt to avoid a head on collision with the massive truck.

The stretch of road between Hayle and Camborne, which is known as the 'Roseworthy Dip', is notorious for confusing drivers, who have to merge when two lanes become a single lane.

The lorry, however, has pulled out of its lane and travels directly into the path of the oncoming, merging, traffic.

Tony James, who filmed the near-miss and uploaded it to YouTube on February 17, wrote: "Watch how close the white van was as it was unable to get in. Still hard to believe what we witnessed. There are a lot of drivers that need educating."