Dashcam captures driving instructor's terrifying near-miss on country lane


Dashcam footage has captured the shocking moment a driving instructor nearly caused a head-on collision during a blind overtake manoeuvre.

The terrifying video was filmed on a country road near St Neots, Cambridgeshire, and shows the red Citroen with an L-plate advertising board on its roof come within inches of smashing straight into an oncoming van.

Thankfully, the instructor manages to swerve into the correct lane at the last minute, narrowly avoiding the crash. They then speed off.

The Daily Mail reports that the hair-raising near-miss occurred on Thursday, despite the dashcam video timestamp displaying a different date.

The car's number plate and the identity of the driver cannot be established from the footage.

The clip attracted a lot of attention after being shared on social media.

Jemma Cox commented: "That is bad. Really bad," while David Bullock wrote: "Don't know the road so couldn't tell what was in the seconds before he overtook but definitely no overtake there."

The Daily Mail reports that the man who shot the footage, who wishes to remain anonymous, wrote: "We wonder why some people can't drive when this is what is teaching them.

"The incident does not look as close as it was but me and the blue van had to brake hard."