Biker furious after catching BMW driver on Facetime on motorway


This is the shocking moment an enraged biker caught a BMW driver using Facetime while travelling at 70mph on the M25.

The footage, which was captured on February 14 near London Colney, Hertfordshire, shows the biker riding behind the white BMW.
After spotting a 'suspicious' glow from the car, rider Andrew – 26, from Hounslow – pulls up alongside the car and gives the driver the middle finger.

Realising he's been caught red handed, the "ashamed" motorist can be seen trying to speed away from the motorcyclist.

Andrew, who withheld his last name, told the Daily Mail: "It was just a usual boring ride home and I saw a really bright light [in his car] and I thought it was suspicious. I caught him texting and making a video of himself whilst driving 70mph.

"I was following him for quite a long time. It was a bit dumb but I was trying to get his attention. I was hoping he would see me in his video.

"I was trying to rev the engine and sound the horn but there was absolutely no reaction from him whatsoever.

"He was just being like, 'look at me I'm in a BMW'. After he had seen me he put the phone away and sped up.

"It's really reckless because he wasn't paying attention. It is really annoying for me. After he had seen me he sped up to 100mph.

"He probably didn't want to get caught. He didn't want me to watch what he was doing. I think he was embarrassed and ashamed.

"He was really young. I think being young has something to do with it. They're more careless with what's going on and more interested in their phones."