Pick-up truck ends up airborne in shocking 115mph police chase


Terrifying footage has emerged that shows a pick-up truck flying through the air during a high-speed police chase in the United States.

The shocking incident, which took place on Tuesday afternoon in Webster Parish, Louisiana, ended after the airborne Toyota Tacoma, which had an escaped convict behind the wheel, crash-landed on top of a parked car that had a woman inside.

Police were hunting for the driver Kevonte Dekorey Austin, 18, who had escaped from a work-release programme on February 8.

On Tuesday, a deputy stopped the speeding Tacoma, which had been reported stolen. Austin, who was in the passenger seat, climbed behind the wheel while the deputy was speaking to the driver, and drove off.

After cuffing the driver, the officer took off in pursuit of Austin, who reportedly hit speeds as high as 115mph during the chase.

Local news station KSLA reported that spike strips were laid by police, and that Austin hit them before the truck hit a grass verge and took off into the air.

Webster County Deputy Chief Bobby Ido told the station: "A block was set up to keep him from going through the intersection at over 100 miles an hour."

The truck landed on top of a car that was occupied by Barbara Harlon, who wasn't injured.

Harlon said: "I saw the underside of a vehicle coming at me, right at my face, and I went to the right, sitting in my car."

Austin was taken into police custody following the crash.