Cyclist forced out of bike lane by bus


This is the outrageous moment that a cyclist is forced out of a bike lane by a London bus as he tries to pass the moving vehicle.

Footage shows the cyclist approaching the bus from behind, with more than enough room in the cycle lane to safely make his way past.

However, as the cyclist moves to pass the 345 bus, the bike lane temporarily ends and the bus starts to drift left, narrowing the passageway through which the cyclist can pass.

By the time the bike lane starts again, the bus has moved so far to the left that the cyclist has to stop in order to avoid being hit.

When the bus pulls up at the traffic lights, the enraged cyclist confronts the driver, saying: "Don't look at me and then not pull over. It's not a bus lane, it's a cycle lane."

Before carrying on his way, he shouts: "You're an idiot, mate."