Bizarre video captures cyclist pedalling down the motorway


Terrifying footage has emerged showing a man riding his bike down the middle of a busy motorway during rush hour.

A passenger in a passing car captured the video of the man on his mobile phone, and can be heard gasping in disbelief.

The shocking incident took place on the Kingston Bridge section of the M8 in Glasgow during rush hour. The footage was uploaded to social media on Tuesday.

Euan Paul, 21, captured the video. He told the Daily Mail that he was shocked to come across the cyclist on the busy motorway.

He said: "My initial reaction was shock, but the situation got funnier the longer it went on.

"We believe he may have taken a wrong turn on to the motorway. He looked fearful and in tears.

"He didn't have safety gear. We assumed he really wasn't out for a big stroll and possibly lived locally.

"Other car drivers were really annoyed. That area of Glasgow at that time is a nightmare as it is. Drivers were angry – overtaking at speed, horns going, you name it.

"If I could say anything to the cyclist, it would probably be 'thanks for the laugh'."