Kent Police stop motorist for driving with a parrot on the steering wheel

A Macul parrot at Trotters World of Animals in Cumbria.

Kent Police have booked a motorist for driving along a motorway with a parrot perched on his steering wheel.

The man, who has not been named by the force, was caught on the M20 yesterday between junctions five and six, driving a Mercedes Sprinter van.

The police announced the news in a tweet, saying: "Today we issued a driver in his 20s with a traffic offence report for driving on the M20 J6-5 with a parrot perched on his steering wheel."

The force was instantly inundated with replies, with some asking whether the parrot was real or whether it was an "ex-parrot", referencing the famous Monty Python sketch.

When asked what the driver had been cited for, Kent Police said: "It was not being in proper control of the vehicle."

Other users asked even more tongue-in-cheek questions, with one user wondering whether he was allowed to drive with a stuffed rabbit mascot in the centre console of his Porsche.

Some others preferred to make parrot-related puns, such as "Get him up before the beak".

A statement from Kent Police said: "While on patrol on 27 February as part of a mobile phone enforcement operation, officers stopped a Mercedes Sprinter van travelling between junctions 6 and 5 on the M20 motorway, after noticing a parrot perched on the steering wheel. The driver – a man in his 20s – was issued with a traffic offence report for not being in proper control of his vehicle."