Hong Kong shop bakes amazing remote-controlled cake


A cake shop in Hong Kong has made an incredible remote-controlled truck celebration cake for petrolheads.

Featuring lights and a horn, the cake comes with a PlayStation-style controller that allows it to be driven around.

The promotional video at first gives no impression that the remote-control Mercedes truck is anything other than a toy, but then it is sliced into and a piece of sponge cake is removed.

It turns out that the cab and tipper sections are edible, with the 'load' made from crushed biscuits.

The video was posted on the Pandora Cake Shop's Instagram account, where it has been viewed almost 30,000 times, and on the company's Facebook page, where it has been seen by 1.4 million users. It has also been shared almost 20,000 times.

One Facebook user commented: "Oh my god. that is amazing! That must have taken forever to make... but the kids would love it!"