The car Tupac was killed in has gone up for sale in America with a £1.2m asking price


More than 20 years after rapper Tupac's untimely death, the car he was murdered in is being advertised for sale in America, priced at $1.5 million (around £1.2 million).

The iconic performer was killed in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas, and the 750iL in which he was a passenger at the time has been listed on an American website.

Arguably America's best-ever rap artist, Tupac was in a black BMW that was stopped at traffic lights when a white Cadillac carrying a number of people pulled alongside, then the occupants rolled down the window and launched a hail of bullets at the BMW.

Tupac, whose real name was Tupac Shakur, received four bullet wounds in the attack, which occurred shortly after he had been to the Bruce Seldon v Mike Tyson boxing match in September 1996. One punctured his lung, while another hit him in the leg. He died in hospital a few days later.

Suge Knight, the driver of the car and co-founder of Tupac's label, Death Row Records, was also injured in the attack, although not fatally.

According to the site listing the vehicle, the car's provenance is "guaranteed", while the car's identification number and its ownership record show that it once belonged to Death Row Records.

The site – – is a specialist in memorabilia, and claims to be selling various historic items, including the surrender agreement that ended World War II and Elvis Presley's heavily decorated revolver.

According to motoring enthusiast website, the 7 Series in question has covered 90,000 miles and still bears some of the damage sustained in the attack, including bullet marks on the inside of the door panels.