Championship footballer's car vandalised after cheating rumour


A Range Rover reportedly belonging to Queen's Park Rangers footballer Steven Caulker was daubed with 'cheat' graffiti outside his girlfriend's south west London home.

The high-performance SUV was spotted parked outside the Richmond home bearing the slogans 'cheat', 'rot in hell' and 'heart-breaker'.

Caulker was revealed to be the owner of the £100,000 car just hours after his Instagram account was hacked.

Photos of fitness model Harriet Kauffman were shared to the page, alongside explicit message exchanges purported to have taken place between the pair.
Another post featured a photo of a pig and the caption: "I'm a dirty cheat and I've broken a poor girl's heart."

The Daily Mail reported that the 25-year-old defender's girlfriend, Lauren Merrick, said: "It was a very public incident and I was very angry with him."

Caulker, meanwhile, said of the accusatory graffiti: "I've never had anything done to my Range Rover. I've had two weeks of non-stop bull****.

"I don't understand where this has come from, the car has nothing to do with me, I don't know who did it.

"I've been injured, I haven't had a phone for the last two days, I've just got this pay as you go, I've got no idea who did it.

"Nothing has been sprayed on my car, it must have been photoshopped because my car is fine."

Caulker has played for England once, and reportedly earns around £42,000 a week. It is unknown whether there is any truth behind the cheating rumours.