Racer crashes over fence and narrowly misses spectators


A stand full of American sprint car fans had a lucky escape when one of the cars dramatically crashed into the crowd.

According to PennLive, Joey Saldana was battling with Jason Johnson for second place when they collided and Saldana's car was sent flying over the fencing.

Incredibly, no serious injuries were reported as a result of the accident, despite the car spinning across the front of a grandstand. Even the driver was unharmed in the incident, which happened at the Volusia Speedway Park in Florida last week.

Images shared on social media appeared to show damage to the lower benches of the stand, which just goes to show how narrow an escape the spectators had.

Catch fencing has long been used as a safety measure in motorsport, but though the fences at the Florida track were 10 feet tall, the 6.7-litre racer still crashed with enough force to fly into the crowd.

Written by James Fossdyke