Modified Jaguar E-Type goes up for sale


A modified Jaguar E-Type, which is sure to upset purists, has gone up for sale in America.

Widely regarded as one of the prettiest cars ever made, the classic Jaguar has long been the subject of sympathetic restorations. British company Eagle is considered one of the finest at returning E-Types to their former glory using more modern parts in moderation.

The same can't be said of the example seen here. The car's original owner moved from Texas to Hawaii and took the car with them. They found that parts availability was scarce on the island, so when the engine died they needed a more convenient solution.

So the 3.8-litre straight-six engine was replaced with a 5.0-litre V8 from a Ford Mustang. It produces about 50 per cent more power – approximately 400bhp, then – than the standard engine thanks to modifications such as an Edelbrock four-barrel carburettor.

Modified Jaguar E-Type to go under the hammer

Modified Jaguar E-Type to go under the hammer

Coupled to the engine is a Ford four-speed automatic transmission, which feeds power to the original rear axle. The front suspension is also the same, while bigger brakes have been fitted behind the gorgeous wire wheels to help slow the car down.

Purists will also notice that the standard exhaust system has been replaced by a twin-exit exhaust that helps the engine breathe a bit better than before.

Most of the bodywork has been untouched, but the obvious change is the bonnet, which now sports a massive scoop to feed air to the bigger engine.

The asking price is currently £51,995 (£42,000) at Streetside Classics in Fort Worth, Texas.