Unprovoked car passenger throws water bottle at passing car


A driver who was the victim of an unprovoked road rage attack has shared dashcam footage of the incident in an attempt to deter other road users from acting similarly.

The victim was driving near Heathrow Airport in January when the passenger of a white BMW in an adjacent lane leaned from the window and threw a bottle of water.

The two-litre container struck the victim's windscreen with such force that it left a crack.

Despite the victim appearing to turn around to confront the water-bottle throwing individual, reports suggest that the white BMW sped away from the scene.

According to Freedom of Information data obtained from 15 police forces across the country, a third of drivers have been involved in a road rage incidents - and a fifth of those encounters have led to violence.

This represents a 70 per cent rise inn the number of incidents in the last five years.