Mechanic tries to stop a car rolling off his flatbed but fails


A mechanic was left red-faced when a car he had loaded onto the back of a transporter rolled off - and took him with it.

Footage of the incident has now gone viral, no doubt leaving the young man blushing even more as thousands of social media users laugh at his expense.

The incident, believed to have taken place recently in Scotland, began as the mechanic secured the blue Honda Jazz on to the back of a flatbed car transporter.

However, something went wrong and the blue car broke free, rolling backwards off the truck.

In a gallant, yet extremely misguided, effort to rescue the car the blue–overalled man grabs hold of the front bumper. Spread-eagled he slides down the ramp, desperately scrabbling to hold on.

Fortunately the car comes to a stop almost immediately and a woman – thought to be its owner – rushes over to check on the man, who appears unflustered by the incident.