Broken down biker (and his motorbike) given a lift by bus driver


It's not a scene you see everyday. A near-empty bus with only one passenger – and a motorbike – on board.

Ireland's An Garda Síochána traffic police shared photos on its Twitter account on Tuesday of the black Honda CBR parked unassumingly in an area usually reserved for standing commuters.

The tweet read: "There are good people out there. Regional Traffic Dublin Castle came across what appeared to be broken down bus on N2 at M50 jct last night."
A later tweet corrected this, explaining: "On closer inspection, bus driver helped out a stranded broken down biker by putting m/bike onto his d/decker and bring him to a safer location. There are good people out there! :)"

Twitter user @Hideo1984 later replied: "That's my bike! Haha weird evening but thanks for checking on us lads."

Biker Hideo Daizen had reportedly broken on Dublin's N2 dual carriageway, at the busy junction with the M50 motorway.

Luckily for him, the kind-hearted bus driver spotted his plight and pulled over to help. Somehow, they managed to manoeuvre the heavy sports bike onto the bus, and the driver took the rider to a safer location.

While little is known about this kind-hearted bus driver's rescue mission on Valentines Day, he has been praised by social media users.

"Great story. I do hope his kind help is not reprimanded by his bosses," tweeted @satzoomer. "That's some handy recovery option," added @dstaffx. "Fair play the bus driver."