Spanish police shown raiding factory that built fake Ferraris


Spanish police have raided a workshop manufacturing fake high-end sports cars from lesser models.

The garage near Girona in northern Spain was building fake Ferraris and other premium sports cars from second-hand Toyota MR2, Ford Cougar and Peugeot 406 models.

These cheap donor cars would be brought into the shop, where they would undergo a makeover, receiving a bolt-on fibreglass bodykit and new badging, before re-emerging as top-of-the-range sports cars.

The cars would then be sold on the internet for significantly less than their genuine counterparts.

Police became suspicious after one of the cars was listed for sale in Benidorm for £35,000.

An investigation led to the clandestine factory, where 14 counterfeit cars, including Ferrari F355 and F430s, were found in various states of preparation. Four 'Ferraris' were reportedly ready to be sold, complete with fake registration documents.

Badges and design features that allowed the top-of-the-range models to be reproduced were also found on the site, as was a cannabis farm.