Curse of the Ford Mustang strikes in Mexico


The Ford Mustang's reputation precedes it – highly powered, with a tendency to lose control and plough into other cars, buildings and crowds.

Such is the frequency of these incidents that they have assumed the name of the Ford Mustang Menace.

And now the menace has struck again – this time in Rio Bravo, Mexico, when the drivers of two black 'stangs performed a synchronised donut during the city's Motor Fest event on Sunday.

Unfortunately, the stunt went awry when one of the Mustangs broke out of formation and flew into the crowd.

According to Mexican news site El Manana Estado, six spectators were injured, with one person breaking both their legs.

Graphic footage of the incident has since been shared on YouTube, with the caption: "An ambulance! An ambulance!, were the desperate cries of those who ran from one place to another seeking help."