Lorry blows over onto police car


This is the moment an articulated lorry was thrown on top of a police patrol vehicle in Elk Mountain, Wyoming, due to extremely strong winds.

The incident was caught on a rear facing dash cam of another patrol car on February 7.

The footage shows the Wyoming Highway Patrol vehicle stopped by the side of Interstate 80 with its lights flashing.
As the white Volvo lorry approaches, it wobbles dangerously in the high wind before beginning to lose control. Caught by the 90 mile-per-hour gusts, the trailer begins to tip, and pulls the cab with it, landing atop the patrol car.

Luckily, the two officers from the patrol car, who were on the scene responding to other traffic related incidents, were not injured, nor were the two occupants of the truck.

Authorities have released the video as a warning to motorists to heed high wind warnings, and avoid roads inappropriate for their vehicles.