Parking app aims to ease congestion by opening up unused spaces


A smartphone app is aiming to ease congestion in major Australian cities by freeing up unused parking spaces.

Divvy Parking gives property complex owners the ability to advertise unused spaces in their car parks. Users can open the app and get directed to available spots nearby.

Property groups have teamed up with the app's creators to offer spaces that aren't being used by residents – spaces that wouldn't normally be accessible to road users.

Customers can book a space that's tied to their number plate, then when they arrive number plate recognition software recognises their car and lets them on to the property.

Founder Nick Austin told the BBC: "I believe there shouldn't be any on-street parking, particularly when there is so much off-street parking that is sitting there not being used."

He said the app could help ease congestion because "around 30 per cent of congestion is caused by cars driving around looking for parking".