Nissan urged to recall faulty Navaras


A fault with the Nissan Navara could see some models split in half because of rust.

According to The Sun, the problem comes from a weak point in the chassis at the rear of the vehicle on the passenger side. This puts extra stress on the frame, which eventually breaks and causes the truck to snap in half.

The Japanese manufacturer has bought back a number of the faulty trucks following inspections but has so far failed to issue a recall.

However, Transport Select Committee member and Tory MP Huw Merriman told The Sun: "To reassure the public, Nissan would be well advised to recall all affected vehicles.

"If, as they say, there are only a small amount impacted then it shouldn't be a costly exercise in ensuring that these vehicles really are safe to be on the road."

One Navara owner, 50-year-old Richy Holmes from Sunderland, explained that he was towing a caravan to Scotland when his truck snapped in half. "I was only going a few miles an hour — I dread to think what could've happened if I'd been going faster," he said.

Nissan has responded to the claims, saying: "About a year ago we became aware of this potential issue and an investigation was instigated.

"Appropriate steps have been put in place to find satisfactory resolutions for all customers.

"Many vehicles have been checked and have had no issue.

"However, should any concern be found, we have a number of options in place to support the customer."

The problem mostly affects D40 Navaras registered between 2005 and 2008. Concerned owners can contact Nissan for an inspection, and will be offered a repair, buy-back or exchange if a fault is found.