Brexit turmoil has been good for the Honda Civic


Production at Honda's Swindon factory is ramping up to meet increased demand from abroad as the weak pound has increased exports of the British-built Civic.

The number of vehicles rolling out of the factory has increased from 133,000 vehicles last year to a projected 150,000 for this year.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Honda Europe spokesman Nik Pearson said: "The lower pound after the Brexit vote has certainly helped exports.

"It's a more profitable equation for us. We're now for the first time exporting to the USA and the weaker pound has helped.

"We're also sending the new Civic five-door to Japan which is a great achievement. The first cars have already been delivered to America."

Pearson went on to say that Honda would like more clarity about the future of Britain's role in Europe, but said there were certainly short-term advantages to the drop in the pound's value.

Honda had already changed its production to rely less on the European market. Prior to the new generation Civic, which will hit dealer forecourts shortly, 40 per cent of cars were sent to Europe, 40 per cent to the rest of the world – excluding the USA – and the remainder stayed in the UK.

The new car will have half of its production sent to America and the rest of the world, with 35 per cent sent to Europe and 15 per cent to the UK.