Cyclists try to steal biker's GoPro


A gang of teenage cyclists were recorded on a motorcyclist's helmet-mounted GoPro as they tried to steal it and the wannabe thief ended up being accidentally identified.

Luckily, the biker managed to escape from the incident on Saturday in London near Westminster, and shared the footage online in a warning to other bikers.

In the footage, the intimidating group can be seen surrounding the biker, before one appears to try to grab the camera, while another goes for the motorbike's keys.

The story doesn't end there, however. Writing online, the biker said: "So I've had a few of the olders from the group message me (massive respect to you lads) and tell me that these lads are trouble makers and don't represent their group. Which I believe. They've told me they try and keep the youngers in line and I admire that."

He continued, explaining that the girlfriend of the teenager who tried to snatch the GoPro had commented on his video, stating that "her boyfriend only tried to steal it because he didn't want faces shown or for it to be put online in case I put it online and called them chavs".

But by commenting on the clip, the girl inadvertently gave away the identity of the would-be thief.

The biker concluded: "Thanks..., you may have tried and failed to take my £250 GoPro, and assume you got away with it Scott free.

"Your downfall was your missus, ratting you out. Cheers Mi Dears!"