Mechanic has trousers ripped off by compressed air


An unfortunate mechanic lost his trousers after standing over an air pump, which is used to inflate tyres.

A CCTV camera at the garage in Ussuriysk, Russia, filmed the hilarious moment a blast of compressed air shot up from underneath the man, surprising him and ripping his trousers from his legs.

As he leaped away from the pump, a fellow worker walked over and turned the offending machine off at the wall.

Meanwhile, the pump's victim picks up the tattered remains of his trousers from the floor.

Local media reports suggest that the unnamed man was not injured in the incident, the date of which is unknown.

However, viewers of the clip have caste doubt on whether the incident was a genuine accident or a prank.

Others pondered whether the blast was caused by the tyre he was inflating exploding.