Dramatic crash between truck and train caught on camera


This is the moment that a train ploughed into the back of a Fed-Ex lorry, splitting its trailer in half, and spilling thousands of parcels across the track.

The incident was caught on a dashcam in a North Salt Lake Police Department patrol car during a snowstorm in Utah on Saturday, Jan 22 2017.

The double-decker passenger train strikes the long trailer of the articulated lorry, tearing it from the cab, which spins almost 360 degrees on the icy road.

Incredibly, no one was seriously hurt in the high-impact crash, although 80 people aboard the train were reported to have suffered minor injuries.

The crash happened because the crossing gates were not closed during the train's approach.

According to the Utah Transit Authority the gates were affected by weather conditions, and so the flashing lights and bells were not activated and the gate remained open. The accident remains under investigation.