Incredible footage shows policeman save woman from burning car


The incredible moment a policeman saved a woman from a burning car was captured on the officer's bodycam.

Tim Schwering of Spokane police in Washington is being credited with saving the woman's life after using his baton to break a window.

Last Friday night, the woman's car hit a patch of snow causing her to lose control and crash. She called police and said that the door's automatic locks were stopping her escaping from the flames, and she couldn't smash the glass.

Fortunately, Officer Schwering arrived just in time and smashed the driver's side window with his baton. Unable to unlock the car, he eventually managed to make a hole big enough to pull the woman through.

She was treated by paramedics and released at the scene. Schwering was taken to hospital to be treated for smoke inhalation, while a member of the public who helped was treated for a minor cut from the broken glass.