Fans angry at Eastenders' bus crash similarities to Berlin terror attack


Eastenders viewers have reacted angrily after the popular soap featured a bus crash scene that echoed the recent terrorist attack in Berlin.

On December 19 2016, terrorist Anis Amri ploughed a stolen lorry into a Christmas market in the German capital, killing 12 and seriously injuring dozens others.

The scene in Monday's show saw a bus driver suffer a heart attack and lose control of his vehicle, which smashed into a market on Albert Square.

The out-of-control bus continued through the busy market until it struck a low bridge and came to a halt. Up to 11 characters could have died in the crash, but viewers will have to wait until tonight to find out.

Following the episode, viewers have called the show out for its 'insensitive' nature.

One Twitter viewer wrote: "Such bad taste airing that after the recent terrorist attack on the market in Germany...awful #eastenders Bbbceastenders #BadTaste (sic)"

Another viewer likened it to the lorry terror attack in Nice on Bastille Day 2016, which killed 84.

"I hated last nights #Eastenders that whole bus thing made me think about the lorry in Nice running people down! Not a very good story," they wrote.