Reckless VW driver sends motorcyclist flying


An irresponsible VW Golf driver caused a motorcyclist to fly off his bike after slamming on his brakes while trying to overtake.

The driver sped past two of the three riders, who were in convoy, and when the driver saw another car coming the other way, they moved across the path of the biker and applied the brakes.

After the impact, the driver sped off to leave the motorcyclist in the road and fellow biker Niall Goodwin, who uploaded the video to his YouTube channel That One Biker, helped recover the stricken bike and rider.

The driver of the car coming the other way also stopped to help, with Goodwin clarifying it wasn't his fault saying: "It wasn't you, it wasn't you, it was him."

It isn't known what injuries the rider suffered, but with the fact he got on his feet quickly it appears he wasn't seriously hurt.

It is unclear where in the UK the incident took place, however it is believed the video was filmed in North Wales.

Written by Jack Healy