Rolls-Royce showcases finest examples of its bespoke services

Practically every car that leaves the Rolls-Royce factory is bespoke, according to the Goodwood-based company.

That means there are thousands of unique Spirit of Ecstasy-badged cars rolling around the world, so Rolls-Royce has created a showcase of some of its favourite creations.

For example, to mark the occasion of the seventh-generation Phantom coupe and convertible ending production, customers were invited to commission a final run of 25 of each body style.

The 'Zenith Collection' Phantoms came with enhancements such as a glass shelf in the tailgate from which to serve champagne, while a champagne fridge was fitted with space for two bottles and eight glasses.

Rolls Royce's year in bespoke

Rolls Royce's year in bespoke

In the centre console sat a removable polished aluminium case with the car's unique identification number engraved into it. Inside was a piece of metal from the Phantom's production line along with its GPS co-ordinates, signifying exactly where on the line it was taken from.

Elsewhere, the 'Peace and Glory' Phantom was commissioned by an entrepreneur in the Far East who wanted elaborate embroidery in the car. Rolls-Royce's team replicated the pattern of tiger fur in the rear centre console.

The 'Blue Magpie' Phantom Drophead was delivered to a gentleman in Taiwan. The headrests are embroidered with an illustration of a blue magpie, which can only be found in the owner's home country.

Finally, Rolls-Royce built a yacht-inspired Dawn for the 2016 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance in America. The white and blue exterior colour and teak rear deck were designed with a nautical theme in mind.