Lexus unveils Sport Yacht concept


Lexus has followed the long line of luxury carmakers venturing into the nautical world and produced a Sport Yacht concept.

Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda reportedly came up with the idea for the concept while trying out one of the Toyota Marine Department's new Ponam yachts.

Impressed by the power of the turbodiesel engines and the handling and stability of the hull, he tasked the Marine Department and Lexus engineers to create an open sport yacht for recreational day sailing, and able to accommodate up to eight people.

Two separate teams came up with designs, and the chosen one was refined through the latter half of 2015.

The resulting concept is a full sized, fully functioning, sea-going machine. Powered by twin high-performance 5.0-litre Lexus V8 engines, as seen in the brand's RC F sports car, it produces around 880bhp and can accelerate to a top speed of 43 knots (49mph).

The Marquis-Carver Yacht Group, based in Wisconsin, USA, were selected to build the boat, which is made from hand-laid Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic (CFRP), seamlessly bonded around an inner structure.

Lexus unveils Sport Yacht concept

Lexus unveils Sport Yacht concept

This material is the same as that used in Lexus's LFA, as well as high-performance aircraft, competition skis and bicycles and world-class racing yachts.

Meanwhile, the hull features a stepped design to reduce drag and improve high-speed handling.

The boat is controlled using a steering wheel, which features an inset information screen. This display, and a second one next to the wheel, provides information on GPS navigation, digital charts, surface radar, underwater sonar, lighting and entertainment systems.

Luxury on-deck seating comfortably accommodates eight, while the leather and wood finished passenger cabin below deck can seat six in air-conditioned comfort.

A galley features a two-burner stove, sink and fridge, while the head includes a shower.
An integrated video and audio entertainment system is also included on the boat, including 4G, WiFi and WAN.

While this impressive luxury yacht would go down a treat in the likes of Monaco, unfortunately it is a bespoke, one-off project, and there are no plans to put it into production.