Council gritter driver helps Sir Chris Hoy after car crash


A council gritter driver has been hailed a hero by his employer after coming to the rescue of Sir Chris Hoy.

The Olympic cyclist's car became embedded in a snow bank after hitting ice on the A701 north of Moffat in Dumfries and Galloway.

Fortunately, gritter driver Steven Fallon came to the rescue, offering the star a lift back to Moffat, where Foy was able to arrange recovery of the vehicle.

The six-time Olympic gold medallist later tweeted his thanks, confirming that he had not suffered any injuries in the accident.

He wrote: "Thanks 2the kind gent who towed my car out of a snow bank today after I hit black ice. Thankfully no harm to me or car but be careful folks!"

In a statement, Dumfries and Galloway council praised its staffer's good deed, saying: "We believe all our gritter drivers are heroes, out in all conditions, day and night.

"We are pleased to hear that in this case Steven went beyond his usual duties and picked up Sir Chris Hoy from the side of the road at Greenhillstairs and took him back to Moffat to arrange recovery of his vehicle.

"Due to insurance regulations we could not assist with the recovery of Sir Chris's vehicle ourselves, but we wish him well and a safe journey home."