Take a look at Trump's future presidential limo


The limo that will chauffeur Donald Trump around when he becomes president has been revealed.

Cadillac One will be fully equipped with attack prevention and life-saving kit in order to ensure that Trump has a safe mode of travel when on the ground.

The limousine will feature eight-inch-thick doors and windows that can withstand armour-piercing bullets. Meanwhile, on the underside of the vehicle, a reinforced steel plate will feature, flanked on each corner by Kevlar tyres.

The underplate will protect against bombs and gunshots, while the tyres will allow it to make a quick getaway whatever the terrain.

With space for seven passengers, the cabin is completely sealed to protect passengers from biological or chemical attacks, while canisters in the boot feed oxygen to the cabin if the outside air becomes unbreathable.

Also kept in the boot will be bottles of Trump's blood type. In the event that he is injured, trained medics will be able to use these to ensure his survival.

Finally, weapons will be mounted subtly at the front and back of the car, including tear gas canisters under the bonnet, which will flank a night-vision camera on this heavily equipped survival machine.