American Ninja Warrior contestant saves choking motorist


A contestant on the TV reality show American Ninja Warrior is being hailed a hero after administering the Heimlich Manoeuvre to a choking motorist.

Pavel Fesyuk was driving in his Town and Country Pest Solutions vehicle in Rochester, New York, when he pulled up at a red light.

He noticed that the driver of the car in front, an elderly man, was stood hunched over by his vehicle, appearing to cough violently.

Fesyuk realised that he wasn't coughing but choking, and jumped from his vehicle to go to the man's aid.

His phone, which was mounted on the front of his vehicle acting as a dashcam, filmed as Fesyuk performed the Heimlich Manoeuvre.

The man then spat out whatever he had been choking on, and the pair returned to their vehicles.

While the manoeuvre may not have been perfect, there's no denying that Fesyuk's quick-thinking actions saved the man.

Fesyuk has appeared in the past two seasons of the hit TV show, alongside his day job as a pest exterminator.