Tow line trips up pedestrians at crossing


Commuters were tripped up by a tow rope between two vans in central London, with some falling flat on their faces.

The footage was captured and posted on Facebook by Mike Chiverton, with the incident taking place at a traffic crossing on New Oxford Street.

The bemused commuters had to hop over the spontaneous obstacle as they crossed the road in front of the Savoir Faire restaurant.

With Chiverton stopped at the traffic lights in heavy traffic, he and his passenger watched as walkers crossed the rope with ease at first, before one man walked into it and stumbled. He was helped up by a fellow commuter.

A woman, who wasn't paying attention where she was going, then walked into the bright orange rope and appeared to fall straight down, leaving the two onlookers giggling.

Following people did notice the tow rope, while the pair in the car were left hoping for another pedestrian would trip on the obstacle.

Written by Jack Healy