Man finds car was driven above speed limit while in for MOT


A man who took his car to a garage for its MOT was shocked to discover that it had driven at well over the speed limit on a suburban road.

Andrew Siggens dropped his Nissan Juke off at a Bristol Street Motors dealership on McMullen Road in Darlington on November 15.

However, when he got the vehicle back and reviewed the dashcam footage, he was shocked to discover that it had been driven at 54mph on a 40mph road.

Speaking to the Gazette Live, the 25-year-old commented:

"I was disgusted when I saw it - it certainly was a shock to see. It's not something you would expect to happen from such a big company.

"You hope to be able to trust them with your vehicle. Some people pay a lot of money for their cars.

"It may just be a Nissan Juke and there are obviously more expensive vehicles out there, but it's mine and my fiancée's most valuable possession next to our home."

He added that if the speeding vehicle had been clocked by a speed camera, the resulting points on his licence could have ruined his chances of becoming a police officer, which he hopes to do in the near future.

A spokeswoman for Vertu Motors, Bristol Street Motors' parent company, said that an investigation had been carried out.

"We regret the incident at our dealership in Darlington and have conducted a thorough internal investigation in line with our company policy and procedures," she told the Gazette Live.

"Action has been taken with the colleague concerned and additional training has been completed by the team to ensure there is no repeat of this event."