Anger as trees chopped down because branches were falling into the road


A mile-long stretch of trees has been chopped down because branches kept falling on to a busy road.

Approximately 750 healthy beech trees lined a stretch of the A38 between Bodmin and Dobwalls, but officials decided to chop them down because branches kept falling into the road after squirrels gnawed away at them.

Officials at the nearby Boconnoc Estate claim Highways England told them to chop the trees down, resulting in a long line of four-foot stumps.

Highways England has denied telling the estate to chop down the trees. However, it confirmed it did advise third-party landowners along the road that 'certain trees needed attention'.

A spokesman said: "It is the responsibility of the Boconnoc Estate to oversee how the work was carried out. It's for safety reasons and we would only advise them."

The new look to the roadside has caused outrage in the local area, though. Sue Downey, 65, of Truro, Cornwall, told SWNS: "As a tree lover I found it a shocking sight, mutilated beeches. I nearly crashed the car because the sight was so unbearable I had to keep looking away.

"I believe these trees are too mature and established to give any significant re-growth. Cornwall can't afford to lose such beautiful tree specimens - we need to bring back the beech."

Others have called the felling 'legalised vandalism,' while another asked if they could have been cut 'more sympathetically'.

Locals have been told that the tree stumps will grow into a thick hedge over the next two years.