American policeman films sheriff lassoing calf from car bonnet


A policeman in America captured the moment a cowboy lassoed a runaway calf while perched on the bonnet of his patrol car.

The bizarre incident was filmed in Paris, Tennessee, by Monte Belew of the Henry County Sheriff's Office. He uploaded the video to Facebook with the caption: "Hats off to my ole buddy David Bevill! We had a calf running down Hwy 79 and he came & helped us. Bevill rode on the front of my car & roped the calf!"

In the clip, a number of police cars can be seen surrounding the calf as it runs down the road.

On the bonnet of Belew's patrol car sits Bevill with a rope in hand. He throws it towards the calf and scores a direct hit, stopping the calf in its path.

The cowboy told News Channel 5 Network it was 'probably the best loop I've ever thrown in my life!'