Inattentive VW Golf driver knocks down biker


Riding a motorbike on modern roads is incredibly dangerous. Heavy traffic and distracted drivers make bikers an easy target.

This video, recorded from a camera mounted on the helmet of a rider in Mexico City, shows just how easily a normal drive can turn sour.

The video begins with the rider cruising along a street, when up ahead a white Volkswagen Golf begins to pull across his path. The driver appears to notice the biker, who is beeping his horn, because he hits the brakes.

This prompts the rider to carry on by driving across the front of the car, but its driver inexplicably pulls out and knocks the biker to the ground.

Fortunately, the car was pulling away from a standstill and the KTM RC200 motorcycle only has 25bhp, so it all happened at low speed. The biker only suffered bruising to his hip and knee.

Still, it shows how quickly things can go wrong, especially when motorbikes are involved.