Renault Clio driver takes 18 attempts to park in space


The driver of a Renault Clio has been filmed taking 18 attempts to park her car in one five-minute spell.

The embarrassing scene was caught on camera by a passenger in a van parked on Guildford High Street. After watching the driver's first few failed attempts at parallel parking, he decided to start filming.

The video lasts three and a half minutes including a few speeded-up sections and shows the woman's largely unsuccessful manoeuvres. The man behind the camera laughs along as the driver keeps trying the same failed moves.

Along with the van's other passenger he gives a running commentary and advice, and even wonders whether he should go and help her.

At one point the driver gets out of the car and walks around to check her position before getting back in to try again. Eventually she leaves the car to help her elderly passenger to the pavement, before giving it a few more tries and ultimately succeeding.