Living with a DS 4 Crossback: Third report

When you drive something as quirky as the DS 4 Crossback, it can be quite exciting when you spot others on the road.

Over the course of my 'ownership' I've noticed more and more of these intriguing-looking crossovers on the roads. I'm interested to find out what these proper owners think of their purchase and what exactly tempted them to buy.

No doubt the unique styling, excellent forward visibility and the promise of feeling premium without the need to spend BMW or Mercedes money was appealing. But the poor ride quality, odd brake feel and downright bizarre design features quickly frustrate.

That said, I was quite excited to spot that the family of Georgie Lane, main character in the BBC's Our Girl series, drives a black DS 4 Crossback. There's no denying the car looks great on camera.

It made me feel like perhaps I was starting to overcome some of the car's foibles. Now that I've been running the car for a few months I've naturally learned to work with most of its quirks.

The fact I rarely have passengers in the rear means that the intrusive door shape and lack of lowering mechanism on the window don't really affect me, while the nose-dive under brakes can be compensated for with a gentler prod of the pedal.

Mid-September I had to travel from my home in Surrey to my girlfriend's mum's house in south Wales. I was rather dreading travelling 150 miles in the DS 4's terrible driving position, which makes me feel like a performing contortionist whenever I want to get comfortable.

I was left with an achy back and parked in the furthest corner of the service station to give myself a bit of a walk to shake loose, but there were no lasting pains at least. I'm not sure what shape DS thinks humans are – and it's very possible that I'm the oddity – but I feel like addressing this in the next generation would alleviate a lot of my concerns.

The DS 4's trump card continues to be that frugal engine. The 1.6-litre unit sips diesel and ensures my wallet doesn't take too much of a hit over the weekend away, even with the Severn bridge toll taken into account.

Despite the fact it's so light on using the dark stuff and only has 118bhp, the engine doesn't feel like it's lacking puff. It pulls quite nicely on the motorway and has more than enough torque to make it sprightly around town.

I wouldn't go so far as to say I'm warming to the DS 4 Crossback, but I'm certainly learning to live with its idiosyncrasies.